Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've decided to do this! To venture into the world of blogging.  I don't except any response.  I'm fine with the reality of the human resolve, the loneliness and anonymity can be soothing.  Hopefully there will be some.  I'd like to just find a way to send my thoughts into some void in hopes that one day one person will pick it up read it and find some form of kinship in my thoughts. 

I've decided I'm gonna try this similar, but unlike Kerouac. Just on the go, just on the fly. No edits, hopefully no offenses, but some occur, no apologies. Bad grammar, terrible run-ons, and even comma splices. Just me raw. 

So let this be my message for today: 

I am unsure about anything: about my job, my life, my relationships, and  my family.  I wonder if we all feel the same, or if it is just me.   I have a need for stability, but my life seems to provide none.  When life seems to finally be converging into some nice path that seems straight, without meandering, with no terrible falls, gravel, or jumps, everything seems to change almost instantly.  Within minutes or even seconds, your life has changed because you've meet someone, received some unfortunate news, or even had some freak accident.

Everything becomes unstable, and you find yourself once again at some loss.  Some people may argue that this is the way life is, and it is what makes it interesting.  Others might bring God, karma, or some divine spirit in the equation, as the great completers and equalizers.   In the end, however, none of that matters. You are still in an unrecognizable path, without a safety net, or just plain falling.  How do keep it together? 

I'm unsure, and perhaps that is what this blog will be about. The uncertainty of life, the existential crisis that we lead as human still feel uneasy. 

Perhaps more details will come tomorrow. 

Signing off!